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Room modeling programs allow the acoustical performance of rooms to be evaluated before construction. They also allow the likely performance of a sound system to be predicted before it is installed. Room modeling programs require good loudspeaker data to provide accurate results.

The Electro-Acoustic Testing Company Inc. (ETC) provides precision loudspeaker testing for the audio industry. Our testing services are optimized for providing loudspeaker data for acoustical room modeling programs used by sound system designers and room acousticians. A list of these programs can be found on our Links page.

Some loudspeaker manufacturers measure and provide their own data. Others prefer to contract this to a third-party like ETC, Inc. This allows their engineering resources to be concentrated in other directions. As an independent measurement provider, we can assure that all data is processed and presented in a manner that is both technically well-defined and brand-independent. Please see our Overview page for details on the specifications we provide. drg

The ETC website is designed to help familiarize you with loudspeaker data in general. It contains many useful documents and links, and it is updated on a regular basis.

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